Artist Statement


Botanical painting is a demanding and technical art form. It calls for an in-depth understanding of the subject as well as the knowledge and technical ability to interpret and convey the uniqueness and beauty of each plant in a precise and artistic way.

Working with the Tasmanian wilderness has been both a challenging and inspiring journey. The splendour and diversity of the states flora captured my imagination from the moment I set foot into its wild and remote wilderness, while the rich botanical history has provided me with a wealth of material to draw on for inspiration.

Field trips are an important part of my artistic process and I begin each composition by observing and studying how the plant grows in its natural habitat. These botanical excursions are of the utmost importance when it comes to capturing the true essence of the subject, providing time to observe, sketch, take photos and make collections.
In the studio this material becomes the starting point for each painting.

All elements of the plant are considered during the compositional
stage – flowers, leaves, stem and fruit. Working under a microscope reveals components of each plant’s unique structure and anatomy
not normally seen by the naked eye. Minute botanical details
take on a beauty in their own right. It is this sense of
discovery and revealing the unseen or the unknown that
really excites me.

The final paintings endeavour to speak to the viewer
artistically whilst maintaining scientific accuracy,
resulting in pieces that display a delicate fusion of both
art and science.

Lauren Black